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ACE PAC Endorses Anne Kepner - Area 3, Janet Chang - Area 5

By By Wendy Bowers-Gachesa, MPH, RD, ACE PAC Chair, 10.09.14

The Board of Trustees Candidate Forum held September 24th, provided committee members with clear choices for the upcoming election.  The ACE PAC members heartily endorse Anne Kepner for Board of Trustees Area 3.  Her challenger is Pete Constant, who...

WV Mission Board of Trustee Election Maps

By Jory Segal, 10.09.14

Please click on the next page to view the Board of Trustee maps.http://aceunion.org//documents/pdf_other/Trustee_Maps.pdf You can also visit the registrar's site at:   http://eservices.sccgov.org/rov/?tab=dt   ...

AB 2295 becomes California Law

By Jory Segal, 10.04.14

Adjunct, (Associate),faculty often work in multiple Community College Districts and are unaware they are able to transfer their unused sick leave between districts. Part-time faculty  are missing out on earned sick leave that could be used in...

ACE Budget Info 2013-2015


Click on  ACE link ABOVE to move to the next page, THEN CLICK the budget link.  http://aceunion.org//documents/pdf_other/ACE_Budget_2013-15_(1).PDF

Meeting Thursday, October 9


ACE announces a General Membership Meeting to discuss pros and cons of affiliation with the California Federation of Teachers: Date: Thursday, October 9, 2014. Locations and times: West Valley College:  2:00 pm - 3:00 pm     Room:  LASS 26 Mission...

WVMCCD Board of Trustees Forum, 9/24/2014 at the Campbell Library

By Wendy Gachesa-Bowers, 09.21.14

Come and meet the Candidates running for the WVMCCD Board of Trustees at the Campbell Library. 6:30-7:00pm     Anne Kepner, Candidate, Area 3  7:00-7:30pm     Pete Constant, Candidate, Area 3 7:30-8:00pm     Jack Lucas, Incumbant,...

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Thursday, September 12 - 2:32pm

Associate Faculty & Unemployment

Associate faculty may file for unemployment during summer and winter breaks, if they are not otherwise employed.  The right to collect unemployment is based on an Appellate Court decision, Cervisis et al vs. Unemployment Insurance Board.  Because Associate faculty contracts are "contingent upon adequate class enrollment and funding", the Appellate Court concluded that the assignments are not a reasonable assurance of employment.  Filing must be done in a timely manner. If your claim is denied, file an appeal.