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Tentative Agreement May 23, 2014

By Jory Segal, 05.31.14

Below is a copy of the full TENTATIVE AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE WEST VALLEY-MISSION COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT AND ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGE EDUCATORS.  Ballots will be mailed to WVM Faculty the week of June 2nd, 2014 for ratification. The West Valley-Mission Community...

ACE Leadership Changes

By Jory Segal, 05.27.14

David Rose is the new chief negotiator for ACE.  Randy Castello will be an advisor to the negotiating team of David Rose, Jory Segal, and Carol Koenig, (our attorney).  LeAnn McGinley has been elected to be the Vice...

A State Comparison of Full-time Faculty Ratios, THE FON


WVMCCD is #2 in the state for the highest FON.  The chart, found on the link, states the FON, (full-time faculty obligation number), for every Community College District in the state.  The first column lists the Districts by the...

The Just in Time Professor

By House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce, 04.02.14

Please click on the link to view the entire 36 page report on contingent faculty in Higher Education.  The Democratic Staff Report compiled responses from the eForum.  "The eForum responses were consistent with new reports and other research that...

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Thursday, September 12 - 2:32pm

Associate Faculty & Unemployment

Associate faculty may file for unemployment during summer and winter breaks, if they are not otherwise employed.  The right to collect unemployment is based on an Appellate Court decision, Cervisis et al vs. Unemployment Insurance Board.  Because Associate faculty contracts are "contingent upon adequate class enrollment and funding", the Appellate Court concluded that the assignments are not a reasonable assurance of employment.  Filing must be done in a timely manner. If your claim is denied, file an appeal.