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Executive Board and Steward Council Meetings:  Friday, 11/4/16


ACE AFT 6554 Executive Board meeting will take place: Friday, November 4  11:30 am - 2:00 pm  Location:  WVC somewhere ACE AFT 6554 Steward Council meeting will take place: Friday, November 4  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Location:  WVC somewhere    

Steward Council Constituencies and Union Meeting Dates


  See the links below to find out who is the steward for your department and Executive Board and Steward Council meeting dates.  The steward is your first point of contact for union issues.  Their contact information can...

Union Membership Card


Every ACE AFT 6554 member is entitled to a union membership card which will allow you to participate in all the union benefits. If you do not have a card as yet, you first need to fill out a membership form. ...

Contract negotiations stopped by the district negotiators


The negotiators for the WVMCCD have walked away from the bargaining table and have declared impasse. The next step:  mediation.  A mediator will look at proposals from the district and from ACE AFT 6554 and make suggestions for resolving...

Health Care Benefits: Tiered vs.Composite Rates

By Randy Castello, 04.27.15

Click on the link to view the Comparison between Tiered and Composite Rates for Blue Shield and Kaiser: http://aceunion.org//documents/pdf_other/FacultyBenefitData.pdf

President's Comments

Sunday, March 20, 2016

ACE Forms, Procedures

ACE Expense Reimbursement form ACE Officer Disclosure form (due each March 15) ACE Preferred communication guide Election forms ...

Meetings & Minutes


Monday, February 9 - 3:22pm

Associate Faculty Insurance Reimbursement

Application deadline: April 3, 2015, fax to:408 867-9059
Proof of Payment Due: the first week of May.
Contact Tracey Frizzell in HR, 741-2168, for information OR paste the link below into your browser: