Constitution / Bylaws

For purposes deemed wise and good, we, the faculty of the West Valley-Mission Community College District herewith form the Association of College Educators (ACE) of the West Valley- Mission Community College District, an organization whose goal is to represent fairly and equally all faculty in the West Valley- Mission Community College District in matters pertaining to employment and professional relations, pursuant to California State Law and our own sense of professional responsibility.

Article 12 REVENUES


The dues of this WVMFT, AFT 6554 shall be 1.2% of all salary.


Special assessments for specific purposes may be levied by the Executive
Board and Steward Council provided that the actions required for a referendum have not been initiated within thirty (30) days of the decision of the Executive Board and Steward Council as per Article 15.2.d.


Service/representation fees, when authorized under the California Educational Code (note Educational Employment Relations Act, Government Code, section 3540, et. seq.) shall be equal to the dues for a member of equal workload in the District, except for reductions due to expenses which are non-chargeable under the law.


Associate Faculty members and Full-time Faculty members on unpaid leave may maintain membership during breaks of their employment during the academic year by submitting dues of two dollars per month for up to one year.


Should the Executive Board and Steward Council vote for a dues increase, that increase will be referred to the membership for a referendum. A majority of votes cast will determine the outcome of the referendum. The Elections Committee will publish procedures and administer the election for this referendum.