Constitution / Bylaws

For purposes deemed wise and good, we, the faculty of the West Valley-Mission Community College District herewith form the Association of College Educators (ACE) of the West Valley- Mission Community College District, an organization whose goal is to represent fairly and equally all faculty in the West Valley- Mission Community College District in matters pertaining to employment and professional relations, pursuant to California State Law and our own sense of professional responsibility.



The Executive Board shall meet twice per month during the fall and spring semesters, or at the call of the President, or at the call of two (2) or more of its members, or at the call of the Steward Council, for the purpose of initiating, overseeing or revising the program of the WVMFT, AFT 6554 that is within its authority. A quorum for the Executive Board shall be a simple majority of its voting members.


The Executive Board shall prepare and present for approval to the Steward Council an annual budget in the month prior to the beginning of the fiscal year, which shall be established by the Executive Board.


The Executive Board shall employ all professional, technical, clerical and support staff of the WVMFT, AFT 6554.


The Executive Board, with the approval of the Steward Council, shall establish the salary, benefits and expense guidelines of any general officer (including but not limited to elected officers, appointed positions, or employees) who is employed by the WVMFT, AFT 6554.


The Executive Board shall be empowered to make contracts and incur liabilities including the purchase of services, equipment and real property, to borrow money, to secure such obligations by mortgage or other instrument, and to otherwise engage in financial transactions to the extent permitted by applicable law or statute. The Executive Board shall have the power to sue, complain and defend on behalf of the membership.


The Executive Board shall approve the chairperson and membership of all standing and special committees of the WVMFT, AFT 6554, except the Elections Committee, and receive regular reports from such committees.


The Executive Board shall be responsible for adherence to and enforcement of the Constitution and By-Laws of the WVMFT, AFT 6554.


The Executive Board shall issue regular reports, including an annual written report, to the Steward Council and the membership.


The Executive Board shall appoint a district wide Chief Negotiator and a Grievance Officer from each College who shall serve as co-chairs of the Grievance Committee. The Chief Negotiator and Grievance Officers shall be ex-officio non-voting members of the Executive Board and shall not count for quorum.


Three unexcused absences from  Executive Board meetings during the fall and spring semesters, counted from the date of assumption of office, shall be grounds for an Executive Board member’s suspension and/or replacement by the Executive Board. Absences from more than three meetings in any semester shall be grounds for suspension by the Executive Board.  Pursuant to Article 4, Section 12, the Executive Board shall have the authority to appoint a member to take the seat of an Executive Board member who was suspended or replaced under the terms of this Section. The suspended and/or replaced member may take the opportunity to make his/her case to the Executive Board. If the seat of a Representative becomes vacant due to unexcused absence, he or she must be replaced by a member from the same constituency.