Constitution / Bylaws

For purposes deemed wise and good, we, the faculty of the West Valley-Mission Community College District herewith form the Association of College Educators (ACE) of the West Valley- Mission Community College District, an organization whose goal is to represent fairly and equally all faculty in the West Valley- Mission Community College District in matters pertaining to employment and professional relations, pursuant to California State Law and our own sense of professional responsibility.



The legislative power of the WVMFT, AFT 6554shall be vested in the Steward Council, consisting of members of the WVMFT, AFT 6554in specific constituencies  as follows:

  1. There shall be elected one Steward from each of eight (8) constituencies at each college. The initial determination of constituencies shall be by the Executive Board, and subsequent determinations of constituencies shall be done by the Executive Board with input from the Organizing and Membership Committee. Constituency determination shall use department structure, geography and equal size among its criteria.
  2. Elections for Stewards shall take place in May of even numbered years and the term of office shall be two years.   Stewards will be seated at the first Steward Council meeting of the Fall Semester following the election.  Stewards in place upon the adoption of this amendment will continue in their seats until the first Steward Council meeting of the Fall Semester 2018.
  3. Supervision of Steward Elections—the Elections Committee shall
    1. notify members of vacancies in Steward positions;
    2. receive nomination petitions with no less than five (5) signatures of members of the affected constituency; said petitions must be received no later than fifteen (15) days following the opening of nominations;
    3. prepare and distribute ballots to all members in good standing and conduct elections so as to ensure the secrecy of the ballot;
    4. count the valid ballots; the majority of ballots cast shall determine the outcome of the election; in the absence of a majority for any candidate, the Elections Committee shall conduct a run-off election in accordance with sub-section (iii);
    5. settle challenges and objections according to the procedures outlined in Article 4, Section 8;
    6. direct successful candidates to assume office within thirty (30) days of the conclusion of the election; and
    7. conduct recall elections according to the terms of Article 4, Section 13 of this Constitution.
  4. A member may only hold one office elected by the general membership at a time.  In any election, a member may run for only one office at a time.


The Steward Council shall meet monthly during the two primary academic semesters for the purpose of establishing the policies of the WVMFT, AFT 6554; receive and review the reports of the President, Treasurer, Executive Board and Committees; review and approve the budget submitted by the Executive Board, taking appropriate action as specified in the Constitution; appoint members to the Elections Committee, and initiate and take other such actions as the body deems necessary. A majority of its voting members shall be a quorum for the Steward Council.


The Steward Council may be called into Special Session at the discretion of the Executive Board or upon the presentation of a valid petition of twenty-five (25) percent of the Stewards to the Secretary of this WVMFT, AFT 6554.


Each College’s Stewards shall elect a Chief Steward.  One of the Chief Stewards shall be the presiding officer of the Steward Council. This provision takes effect after the election of the Chief Stewards.


Three unexcused absences from Steward Council meetings during fall and spring semesters, counted from the date of assumption of office, shall be grounds for a Steward’s suspension and/or replacement. The Steward Council shall have the authority to appoint a member from the same constituency to take the seat of Steward who was suspended or replaced under the terms of this Section or to fill any other vacancy on the Steward Council until the next Steward Council election.


A petition signed by twenty-five percent (25%) of the constituency for a Steward, and alleging constitutional violations, fiduciary breaches or acts clearly detrimental to the union, shall be sufficient to require the Steward Council to vote on whether to conduct a recall election of the Steward identified in the petition. The Steward subject to recall and any Steward signing the petition shall not vote on the question of a recall election. If a majority of the Steward Council approves a recall election, the Elections Committee shall supervise the recall election.