Constitution / Bylaws

For purposes deemed wise and good, we, the faculty of the West Valley-Mission Community College District herewith form the Association of College Educators (ACE) of the West Valley- Mission Community College District, an organization whose goal is to represent fairly and equally all faculty in the West Valley- Mission Community College District in matters pertaining to employment and professional relations, pursuant to California State Law and our own sense of professional responsibility.


Stewards shall:

  1. attend all regular and special meetings of the Steward Council and all
    meetings of the general membership;
  2. hold regular meetings (formal and informal) of the membership at the
    worksite, or other appropriate place, for the purpose of making reports, disseminating information, discussing work place and local union concerns, soliciting input and direction from the membership, and other activities as may be required;
  3. recruit eligible persons to membership;
  4. process grievances and resolve disputes at the worksite, or other appropriate
    location, communicate with the Grievance Committee, the Grievance Officer
    and the Executive Board as necessary; and
  5. consult regularly with the College’s management personnel at the worksite
    regarding matters of interest to the union membership.