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Effective July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017

This contract is an agreement between Association of College Educators, AFT Local 6554 and West Valley-Mission Community College District.

Article 104 Associate Member Industrial Accident/Illness Leave


An associate member who must be absent from duty because of an accident or illness arising out of the course and scope of employment shall be eligible for industrial accident and illness leave. The injury or illness must be judged by the District’s Workers’ Compensation carrier as qualified for Workers Compensation.


Allowable leave shall be for 60 days during which school is in session or days when the member would otherwise have been required to perform work for the district.


When an industrial leave overlaps into the next fiscal year, the member shall be entitled to only the amount of unused leave due him or her for the same illness or injury.


Allowable leave shall not accumulate from year to year.


Industrial accident or illness leave shall commence on the first day of absence.


During any month in which the absence occurs, the District will pay the member the portion of the salary due for the month, which when added to the member’s temporary disability indemnity under Division 4 or Division 4.5 (commencing with Section 6100) of the Labor Code, will result in payment of full salary.


The member shall endorse the temporary disability indemnity check to the District in order to receive compensation. The District, in turn, will pay to the member the appropriate salary.


Regardless of temporary disability indemnity award, the industrial accident or illness leave shall be reduced by one day for each day of authorized absence.


The phrase “full salary” shall be computed so that it shall not be less than the member’s “average weekly earnings” as that phrase is utilized in Section 4453 of the Labor Code.


Upon expiration of the sixty days of industrial accident or illness leave, a member may elect to take sick leave. Any member receiving benefits as a result of this section shall, during periods of injury or illness, remain within the State of California unless the Board of Trustees authorizes travel outside the state.