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Effective July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017

This contract is an agreement between Association of College Educators, AFT Local 6554 and West Valley-Mission Community College District.

Article 27 Paid Leaves of Absence

The Board of Trustees has sole, exclusive and discretionary rights to grant leaves of absence, (e.g., educational leave, health leave, paid or unpaid, or extension of leave) as the Board sees fit and proper, on condition that such leaves shall not individually exceed any one (1) year in duration and that all continuous leaves granted to any individual member under any authority of this Article shall not, collectively, exceed two (2) years continuous duration.

The impact of the article on retirement and fringe benefits should be reviewed with the Associate Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources or designee prior to applying for the leave.

Reference: Education Code §87763 and §87764

General Provisions Regarding Paid Leaves

27.1 minimum requirements

The provisions of this article specify minimum leave requirements. The District has the sole and exclusive right to grant or deny requests for early return from leave or the cancellation or modification of an approved leave.

27.2 notification

Members on leave must notify the President of the appropriate college and the Associate Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources of their intent to return by the first Friday in September for Spring Semester, or the first Friday in February for Fall Semester.

27.3 extension

Unless otherwise indicated, time on paid leaves may be extended or shortened by mutual agreement between the member, the college President or designee, and the Associate Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources, subject to approval of the Board of Trustees. In any case, an extension shall not establish precedent for any other extension to any other member under the same or similar circumstances.

27.4 time in service

Time on paid leaves of less than twenty-two (22) days shall be counted as time in service, and all rights and benefits for regular or non- tenured members shall be fully maintained.

27.5 verification

The District may verify leaves of absence, or require the member to verify leaves of absence. The verification required by the District shall not be unreasonable. The District may require physical or medical examinations to determine ability to provide services, provided the District pays the cost of the examination.

27.6 assignments

Members on paid leave are not eligible for an overload assignment (per Article 17.5), committee membership, and/or consultant contract with the District. Members on a partial paid leave may fulfill assigned time responsibilities as a part of their load but may not have assigned time as an overload. The member on any paid leave may be consulted on department/division matters as needed. Members on paid leave are eligible for summer/wintersession assignments (per Article 18.8).

27.7 fringe benefits

No payment of salary or fringe benefits shall be provided members who have not faithfully performed all the duties prescribed in the leave provisions.