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Effective July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017

This contract is an agreement between Association of College Educators, AFT Local 6554 and West Valley-Mission Community College District.

Article 35 Conference Leave

35.1 Description

A full-time or associate member may be authorized by the Division Chair or appropriate administrator to attend conferences, professional meetings, and other activities designed to improve the professional competencies of the members. Such conference leaves are considered to be paid leaves.

Activities shall be related to the specific professional area of the member or provide innovative ideas, update teaching techniques/methods, and present new areas for growth in the members’ professional area or other related professional activities.

  1. Activities shall be pertinent to the educational objectives of the department and college.
  2. Activities shall not require the member to be absent from scheduled duties more than five (5) workdays during an academic year. An extension may be granted with the approval of the appropriate college President.
  3. Within the fiscal constraints of the District, funds for substitutes may be provided.

35.2 Conference Funds

The District Conference Allocation Fund shall be established at $200 per full-time faculty member (regular and contract). This amount shall be budgeted at the department/program/service area level at each College. The formula for computing the allocation to each department/program/service area is determined by the number of full-time faculty positions within the department/program/service area.

The money is not vested by any individual faculty member. Eligibility for conference participation is during the term of active employment.

Any conference funds not used during the year shall roll-over to the next academic year and be retained within the department/program/service area budget, including any unused conference funds of retired faculty.

Each department/program/service area shall develop a policy for distributing the current and roll-over conference funds. These policies may include provisions for transfer of funds to other departments and provisions allowing associate faculty members access to the funds.

35.3 Conference Leave Reimbursement of Expenses

Members who have been authorized for a conference leave by the Division Chair or appropriate administrator shall be reimbursed for expenses in accordance with department/program/service area policy. The member must complete a Request for Conference Expense Reimbursement. The Department/Division Chair shall review requests for reimbursement and shall verify the amount of reimbursement. Members may request reimbursement of conference expenses prior to or after the conference leave is actually taken.