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Effective July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017

This contract is an agreement between Association of College Educators, AFT Local 6554 and West Valley-Mission Community College District.

Article 37 Rejuvenation and Retraining Leave

37.1 Eligibility

An applicant for a rejuvenation and retraining leave must have rendered at least six (6) years full-time paid service to the District. This leave is intended for members who have provided extended service to the District and are in need of rejuvenation and/or retraining to update professional skills.

37.2 Computation of Length of Service

Credit for one (1) academic year is earned when the member has worked seventy- five (75%) percent of the total number of teaching days in that academic year for more than sixty (60%) percent of the hours per week required for the member’s full-time assignment. Unpaid leave(s) shall not be included as service in computing the six (6) years of full-time service required.

37.3 Extent and Distribution of Leaves

The number of rejuvenation/retraining leaves granted each year shall be determined by each college President.

37.4 Board of Trustees Authority

Compliance with the requirements stated in this article does not imply automatic granting of rejuvenation and retraining leave. The final decision rests solely with the Board of Trustees.

37.5 Length of Leaves

Rejuvenation and retraining leaves may be one or two semesters in length, effective on the date of the beginning of a semester only.

37.6 Compensation While on Rejuvenation/Retraining Leave

Compensation while on rejuvenation and retraining leave(s) shall be the member’s regular budgeted salary minus the amount used to budget one (1) FTE associate faculty.

Members who undertake gainful employment, or accept a scholarship, fellowship, assistantship, or any other type of compensation while on rejuvenation and retraining leave, shall report such compensation. Any income from such sources, added to the member’s District rejuvenation and retraining leave salary shall be reduced by the amount that exceeds that member’s regular salary. Any exceptions to this provision may be granted only on petition and approval by the President.

37.7 Benefits While on Rejuvenation and Retraining Leave

During the member’s rejuvenation and retraining leave, a member shall receive all health benefits normally accruing to the member, just as if the member were performing his/her full duties on campus.

Retirement shall be affected by this leave. Members should complete an orientation meeting with Human Resources prior to applying for this leave.

37.8 Selection Process

The President shall provide application instructions and evaluation criteria prior to the second Friday in October. Applications shall be evaluated based on the member’s proposal, need and other factors as the President may consider appropriate.

37.9 Final Selection

The Board of Trustees shall take action on the applications two months prior to the end of the school year preceding that for which leave is being applied. Action of the Board shall be transmitted to the applicant by the Chancellor.

37.10 Changes to the Original Proposal

Any proposed changes to the original rejuvenation and retraining leave proposal must be submitted in writing to the President for approval prior to the beginning of the leave or prior to changing activities during the leave. Failure to receive approval in writing from the President or designee prior to making changes in the proposal may result in the loss of pay and/or other disciplinary action.

37.11 Uncontrollable Interruptions

Member’s rejuvenation and retraining leave programs, which are interrupted by events beyond the member’s control, may be extended to permit successful completion. Interruptions would include events such as member illness, injury or substantial changes in the conditions directly affecting the rejuvenation and retraining plan. The member must notify the President and Human Resources of such a request by certified or registered mail within fifteen (15) days of such an event. The President may require whatever information is deemed necessary to make a recommendation to the Chancellor. The granting of extensions to accommodate such events shall be at the sole discretion of the Chancellor.

37.12 Unsuccessful Candidates

Applicants whose proposals are not approved are encouraged to submit new proposals in the following academic year.

37.13 Obligations Upon Completion of Rejuvenation and Retraining Leave

37.13.1 Faculty Obligations

  1. A written compliance report shall be filed with the President within thirty (30) days of a member’s return to duty. The President shall review the report for compliance with the member’s proposal. Failure to meet the deadline shall result in the District withholding ten (10) percent of the member’s pay until the President determines the requirements have been met or the member has returned the entire cost of the rejuvenation and retraining leave.
  2. The member’s President, Vice-President, Division Chair or Department Chair shall assist the leave recipient in sharing the experience of the leave with the college community.

37.13.2 District Obligations

At the expiration of the rejuvenation and retraining leave, the member shall be reinstated in a position equivalent to that held by the member at the time the leave was granted, unless the member agrees in writing prior to the member’s leave to any modifications in the member’s duties.

37.14 Grievability

No grievance may be filed or processed in regard to any decision of the President on this rejuvenation and retraining article process, other than failure to follow the established process.