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Effective July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017

This contract is an agreement between Association of College Educators, AFT Local 6554 and West Valley-Mission Community College District.

Article 48 Contract Education

48.1 Definitions

48.1.1  Contract Education: “Contract education” refers to classes and educational services that the colleges provide to and that are paid for by businesses or organizations outside the district; these include credit and not-for credit courses.

48.1.2  Any classes are considered “contract education” if they are paid for by outside agencies and offered by or given under the name of Mission College, West Valley College or the West Valley-Mission Community College District.

48.1.3  Credit courses are those courses listed in the college catalogs.

48.1.4  Not-for-credit courses are those courses which do not grant college credit.

48.1.5  In this article, “Contract Education” is used to refer to the colleges’ function that administers classes on a contract. “The college department” refers to an academic department that offers a course (e.g., English Dept.).

48.2 Assignment

48.2.1  Class assignment will follow guidelines in Article 18.5.2, Article 18.7.1, and Article 100 of this contract.

48.3 Load

48.3.1  Regular and contract members may elect to count for-credit contract courses for up to .200 FTE, or any one course, whichever is greater, with the approval of the Vice-President, per semester towards their regular load or they may elect to teach a for-credit contract course as an overload. If a regular or contract member teaches a contract education course as part of their regular load they are not eligible to teach any overload class in contract education.

48.3.2  Not-for-credit courses do not count towards load for regular, contract, or associate members.

48.3.3  When Associate members teach a for-credit/loaded contract course, it will count towards their allowable maximum load.

48.4 Compensation

48.4.1  Instructors will receive a stipend of an additional $5.00/hour for teaching contract education courses if additional work is required over and above what would ordinarily be required of an associate faculty member. (For example, if the instructor is required to visit a company to customize a course; make extra on-site visits to students, outside of regular class time or office hours; and other similar additional responsibilities.)

48.4.2 Compensation for instructors developing/modifying curriculum: Instructors who develop a new course of modify an existing course at the request of Contract Education shall receive additional developmental compensation.

48.5 Instructors for Contract Education

48.5.1 Instructors who teach for-credit contract courses are members of ACE, AFT 6554 and shall pay ACE, AFT 6554 dues and this shall be handled automatically by the District.

48.5.2 Instructors who teach for-credit contract courses shall meet minimum qualifications.

48.6 Evaluation

48.6.1 Instructors who teach for-credit contract courses shall be evaluated as per ACE, AFT 6554 contract.