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Effective July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017

This contract is an agreement between Association of College Educators, AFT Local 6554 and West Valley-Mission Community College District.

Article 9 Maintenance of Operations from Concerted Activities


The Association agrees that neither the Association, nor any person acting officially on its behalf will cause, authorize, engage in, sanction or urge its members to take part in a strike, concerted failure to report for duty, or willful absence from his/her duties of employment while this contract is in effect. Members shall not be entitled to any wages or benefits whatsoever, including but not limited to wages or any other form of compensation, fringe benefits, vacation, sick leave or other leave entitlement while engaged in any strike, concerted failure to report for duty or other willful absence from their duties of employment.


The District shall not lockout or otherwise prevent members from performing their duties under this agreement.