WVMFT Executive Board Minutes 7/11/2017

Mission College, GC 303, 3:00pm-5:00pm

Agenda posted
Topic Time Minutes/Description

Kate Disney Mission Full Time Rep EX
Kathy Haven West Valley Associate Rep P
Diane Lamkin Treasurer  P
Mel Pritchard VP P
Jory Segal Secretary P
Sarah Tomlinson Mission Associate Rep P
Ann Marie Wasserbauer President P
Jessica Beard Executive Director P

Frank Diaz Mission Steward

I. Call to Order - The meeting was called to order at 3:10pm.

II. Approval of the Agenda - Agenda approved. (Tomlinson/Lamkin, Approved 5-0-0)

III. Approval of the Minutes –
     Approval of the minutes for 6/12/17 with corrections. Postponed.   Changes need to be made under future.

IV. Oral Communications –
    Discussions about potential BOT candidates should occur at the Cope meeting, (PAC)

V. Reports and Announcements:
    Meeting at Kate’s house 7/14 from 5:30 to 8:30pm for Exec Board Members.
    Kathy Haven’s friend is creating a design for the AFT 6554 logo.
    Jory will interview Jessica and produce a website article.
President’s Report
    June 12-July 11, 2017 See Attachment.
Treasurer’s Report
    May 1-May 31, 2017 See Attachment.
Vice President’s Report
    Frank & Mel went to summer school.  Mel attended the contract bargaining training at the CFT Summer School.  They stressed the importance of organizing t     to combat the future due to the Freidrick’s Court Case.
    Right to work laws will have a huge effect on Unions.
    Frank suggested using a computer program to chart individual’s home locations to make home visits easier.
    Move to extend the discussion, (haven/Lamkin 6-0-0)         
Secretary’s Report: None

VI. Action Items

VII. Old Business President, Vice-President (report on union summer school training)

VII. Action items (10 min.) - Placeholder: possible approval of ED contract

   The Executive Board discussed issues associated with appointing a Grievance Officer.
   There were 2 applicants, Jory Segal & Lisa Bell.  Both applications were read.
    Balancing the budget for the grievance officer is a concern.  The discussion was tabled for August.
VIII. Old Business

   A. Summer projects:  follow-up/get updates from point people (10 min.)
        Kathy & Sarah will ask everyone’s info for business cards & banner
       Changes to contract: Daryl, Ann M, Jessica
      Non-credit: Daryl, Ann M, Jory
      Database updates & maintenance
      Website: Jory, Mel, Kate, Kathy, Ann Marie (Martin Mota from CFT can train.)
      (Meeting on 7/21 WV at 3:30 at Fox, 102 or 103.)
  B. Possible effects of Supreme Court case on membership & budget (I) - 15 min.
      Discussion about Asme vs. State of Illinois, will eventually get to the Supreme Court.  Agency Fee is found in the public sector, it is the fee that all non-                  members have to pay to cover collective bargaining. The Supreme Court will probably vote to end agency fee.  The decision will reverse the Abboud                   decision. 
   C. There is significant turnover in part-time faculty every semester. Jessica will send the CFT letter outlining the new law that requires the District to notify the          Union in a timely manner, every semester, about new  employees.
   D. Membership drive - who, when, goals A) - 5 min.  Discussion about having a membership meeting in September incorporating it into the part-time                      membership drive. 
   E. Initial review of possible budget reductions - when, when (A) - 5 min.
   F.  Schedule Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Exec Board meetings & strategic planning meetings.  Ann Marie will send out a doodle poll, emphasis Fri 3pm or Sat.               meetings.
   G. Professional development/orientations for faculty (PT & FT) in fall (A) - 15 min. TABLED FOR 7/19
   H. Keeping track of hours & activities - chart from auditor (I) - 5 min.  TABLED FOR 8/22
    I.  Strike Fund - set committee to decide its use - one-time meeting! (A) - 5 min.
IX. New Business
IX. Future Items:
A. Plan meetings with WVMCCD Trustees - who, when, PT issues to inform
B. Items for negotiations prep: possible changes to paycheck period for PT faculty
C. Use of social media for communications with members
D. District’s next bond issue - develop our position
Next Meeting(s):
7/19//17 Mission, Unofficial Strategic Meeting, Orientation, Part-time workshops
8/22 12-2 WVC, room to be announced
Meeting Notes Submitted by Jory Segal, meeting ended at 5:10pm.
President’s Report:
Update of process of hiring Executive Director:  Jessica Beard starts on July 10, 2017!

Tasks                                                                                              People                                                     Status
Contract written                                                                         AM, Daryl, Bob Bezemek In process
Contract signed                                                                          Jessica & AM Week of July 10
Contract approved                                                                      Executive Board Possibly July 11
Send CFT contract & start date                                                  AM Week of July 10
Formula Funding sent to us from CFT                                       Jeff Freitas, Liz Soto
Health ins signed & sent Jessica                                                                                              Completed 6/26/17
Health ins processed CFT rep -                                                                                                  Maria In process
Get Worker’s Comp Ins.                                                            AM, Diane, UGI Rep In process
Sure Payroll processing                                                            AM, Diane, Jessica, Megan Roberts In process, complete by mid-July for payment July 30
Parking permit for WVM                                                            AM, Jessica Monday, July 10
Phone costs                                                                              Jessica, Diane
Website article about Jessica                                                   Writer needed! In process
WV & MC Offices prepared                                                      AM Completed WV July 9,
MC needs to be prepped
Orientation for Jessica AM Week of July 10

Update on Tentative Agreement
June 27, 2017 The Board of Trustees approved the ratification of the Tentative Agreement.

June 28, 2017 Article 14 Benefits for Full-time -- To start the process of implementing CalPERS, CalPERS needed language to be in our contract.  The District and Daryl and I reviewed the language and signed a Side Letter to the TA. 

June 29, 2017 The District (Albert Moore) informed us that there were some glitches in getting all the retroactive paychecks calculated for about 140 full-time faculty. They will be distributed on July 10.  The District said it would write email and letters to the affected faculty. In addition, the 1% parity for part-time faculty will be sent out on July 10. 

June 30, 2017 - Checks were sent out/deposited with retroactive payments going back to dates in 2015 and 2016.

July-August-September and continuing through Fall semester
As a result of the Tentative Agreement and the ensuing changes to several key items, the District and WVMFT will be meeting on a regular basis throughout the summer and fall.

Database Management
CFT IT department is in the process of changing our steward groups from 12 to 8 based on the new configurations we approved.

Kate Disney and I finished a complete cross-check of all database members for whom we have paper copies of their membership forms.  We are still missing paper copies for about 140 members. We’ll be checking a few other places and CFT says it can cross-check their files as well.

Update on Grievances

SB 1379 - Letter to State
June 29, 2017 Provisions required by a new law, SB1379, particularly reemployment preference for part-time faculty, are going to be negotiated between the Union and the District. We have many of the provisions in our contract, but still need some. Each year, the Union must sign off on a letter verifying the status of negotiations and/or contract compliance in order for SSSP funds to be released to the District from the State. 

Treasurer’s Report:
I. Summary of assets and liabilities:
    ASSETS: CHECKING Balance/ Comerica
       05.01.17        beginning cking balance     $293,062.21
             member dues (Apr. 30)             45,026.90
       PAC contrib. (Apr. 30)          1472.00
               Labor Law Conference Refund         20.00
        Strike Fund dues (Apr. 30)            1876.12
      less checks paid as of 05/31         -67,288.45
       05.31.17         ending checking balance      $274,168.78
               05.31.17 CD/Comerica                             +19,352.12
       05.31.17 Savings Acct. Chase                +49,984.11        
                                   Total Assets    $343,505.01
              LIABILITIES [total of checks written up to 05.31.17, but not cleared]:
                    Total Liabilities    $53,223.68
      Organizational Equity         = Total assets - Total liabilities =   $290,281.33   
II. Notes:
1.  Received strike fund dues of $1876.12 from 4.30.17 paychecks and $1879.68 from 5.31.17 paychecks.  Total so far = $3755.80.  There will be 2 more checks that will deduct for the strike fund.
2.  Hudson report needs to be completed.
3.  Included in Total Liabilities is $50,379.76 payment to district for '16-'17 release time.   Release time/load report estimate for '17-'18 was delivered to district (Estimated amount = $11,151.96, but at new salary schedule this becomes $12,826.73).
4.  Reworking the budget to reflect salary increases (on dues and on compensation). 
5. The summer stipend is based on Step 10 on the old salary schedule.  Everyone on the Exec Board is paid at that level.
6. Letters have been sent to the IRS and Franchise Tax Board noting the name change.
7. Last year’s audit was very expensive.  Could we do a less extensive audit in the future?