WVMFT Executive Board Minutes 5/26/2017

Mission College, GC 203, 2:30pm-4:30pm

Agenda posted
Topic Time Minutes/Description

Tomlinson Mission Associate Rep P

Kathy Haven WV Associate Rep P

Diane Lamkin Treasurer P

Mel Pritchard VP P

Jory Segal Secretary P

Ann Marie Wasserbauer President P

Haze Dennis Mission Faculty 
Kate Disney Mission Faculty
Benjamin Mendelson WV Faculty

I. Call to Order - The meeting was called to order at 2:45pm.

II. Approval of the Agenda - The agenda was approved w/ amendments. (Tomlinson/Lamkin, Approved 5-0-0)

III. Approval of the Minutes – Approval of the minutes for 5/19/19 was tabled, postponed for the next meeting. (Lamkin/Tomlinson, Approved 5-0-0) (Executive Board section only)     

IV. Oral Communications –
Contract negotiations would not be reopened in 2017-18, assuming that the contract TA is ratified.  The District offered an extra 5% to postpone contract negotiation reopeners until 2018.

V. Reports and Announcements:

President’s Report
A. Faculty Appointments to the Election Committee: 
Chris Dyer
Carol Brockmeier
Thuy Trang
B. Communicated with Ash Pirayou, cope political attorney.  He has volunteered to come to an AFT 6554 meeting. 
C. Non-Credit
Albert will talk with Kuni to allow classes to run at the previous pay rate until a new agreement can be completed.
D. Meeting with Jack Lucas, BOT member
Ann Marie & Jory met with Jack Lucas him on 5/22/2017.  Associate issues were the focus of the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:
We have a checking acct, savings acct, & CD.  Will send District check for release time purchased from the District.
Vice President’s Report
Working on questions for the Executive Director interviews 

VI. Action Items

Pritchard/Lamkin moved to approve the appointment of Cris Dyer & Carol Brockmeier to the Elections Committee.  (Approved 6-0-0)

VII. Old Business
A. Review Contract Language (TA)
1. Article 14.  District wanted the move to CAL PERS 7/1/2018.  We wanted 1/1/2018.  Compromised on 4/1/2018.   The District stated that it will take more than 3 months to interview each individual faculty, view their paperwork, and submit to CAL PERS.
It was suggested that the District should be increasing the $$ towards Faculty Health Care payment, they are increasing the amount that they are paying to CAL PERS for the other groups. 
2. It was recommended that Ann Marie notify all full-time faculty.  Important!!!  The shift to CAL PERS will not happen until April 1st, 2018.
3. Article 15.  Retirees whose last evaluation is Satisfactory will be given REP.
4. Article 17. Load. 
Master Course Listing was accepted. 
Voluntary Flex day pay of 3 hours will be available to Associates
Prichard/Tomlinson moved to extend discussion for 15 minutes. (Approved 6-0-0)
5. Article 20. Organizational Structure
At the end of the Fall Semester, Division Chair positions will be eliminated.  The Parties agree to negotiate the membership of the Performance Goals Committee.  The PGC will function with current membership until Spring 2018 and will sunset on 12/31/2017.
Dept. Chair assignments shall be determined by the Vice President of Instruction based upon recommendation of the department faculty and in consultation with the Division Council based on the size & complexity of the assignment.
The District will create a new Division Council made up of one Dept Chair and a dean from each division in consultation with AFT 6554 to provide the consultative role previously provided by Division Chairs.
6. Article 108.8 Performance Appraisals
The exemplary option will be removed.
B. Ratification Discussion
If we don’t ratify, it means we think we can get a better deal.  How do we get a better deal?  What would we do if we do not accept the contract?  Are we ready to strike?  How would we get public support?  In order for a strike to be successful, 90% of the faculty must pledge to strike. 
Ann Marie will send out an email to all faculty describing why the Exec Board recommends ratification.  This is a poor contract for part-time faculty:  (health care benefits, lack of columns, lack of access to professional development).  This is a poor contract for full-time faculty, (loads for large lecture classes & lab loads were not addressed, complete disregard for shared governance process in reorganization, a health care plan that does not have cost-sharing). 

While the Executive Board is very dissatisfied with parts of the Tentative Agreement:
• Poor deal for part-time faculty in reimbursement of health care premiums
• A lesser health care plan for full-time faculty without cost-sharing
• Complete disregard for shared governance process to eliminate Division Chairs
• Loads for large lecture classes and lab loads were not addressed

We realize that a 15% raise appears sizable, but we can do better.  This is in comparison to administrators’ recent rises of 21%/Faculty rises are necessary to keep the District in compliance with the 50% Law. (50% of the Districts expenditures must be spent on instruction)

We recommend ratifying this Tentative Agreement for the following reasons:
• This locks in the pay raises quickly
• This buys a full year towards a contract campaign and planning for negotiations.
• We need to plan and prepare for effective contract campaign to achieve a better agreement

The Executive Board is dedicated to maximizing the interests of the faculty in the next round of bargaining. 
Motion to recommend RATIFICATION of the TENTATIVE AGREEMENT and send the above statement.  (Pritchard/Lamkin 5-0-0) motion passed
Motion to conduct online voting for ratification.  (Lamkin/Haven 5-0-0) motion passed
VII. New Business

IX. Future Items:

1. Schedule Fall ’17 & Spring ’18 Executive Board meetings
2. Develop Oath of Office for Eboard members, stewards, & grievance officers
3. TB testing
4. Plan meetings with Board of Trustee Members
5. Audit
6. Budget for Summer Union Stipends

Next Meeting(s):
6/12 3-5pm WV
7/11 3-5pm Mission, Kathy will be late at 3:15, GC 303
8/22 12-2 WV
Meeting Notes Submitted by Jory Segal, meeting ended at 5:10pm.