AB 2295 becomes California Law

By Jory Segal, 10.04.14

Adjunct, (Associate),faculty often work in multiple Community College Districts and are unaware they are able to transfer their unused sick leave between districts. Part-time faculty  are missing out on earned sick leave that could be used in the event of an illness, OR the benefit of service credit upon retirement, IF, they have elected the defined benefit program.  Full-time faculty may also work in multiple Community College Districts, or may move to another district and may also be eligible to transfer unused sick leave.

Assembly Bill No. 2295


An act to amend Section 87782 of the Education Code, relating to community colleges.

[ Approved by Governor  September 29, 2014. Filed with Secretary of State  September 29, 2014. ]


AB 2295, Ridley-Thomas. Community colleges: academic employees.
Existing law establishes the California Community Colleges, under the administration of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges, as one of the segments of public postsecondary education in this state. Existing law establishes community college districts, administered by governing boards, throughout the state. Existing law requires that the total amount of leave of absence for illness or injury to which an academic employee of a community college district is entitled shall be transferred with him or her to another district if, within the school year succeeding the school year in which his or her employment is terminated, the employee signifies acceptance of his or her election or employment in an academic position in that other district.
This bill would provide that an employee’s entitlement to transferred leave of absence upon reemployment in a different district applies if the employee signifies acceptance of his or her election or employment with another district within 3 school years succeeding the school year in which the employment with the first district is terminated, or within any greater period during which the employee’s reemployment rights are protected under a local bargaining agreement then in effect in the first district.