Tentative Agreement Information


May 25, 2017
Dear Fellow Faculty --
On May 8, the Fact Finder issued his recommendations for settlement of the contract dispute. The recommendations were translated into potential contract language and both sides sat down on May 24 to come to agreement on that language. The document with agreed-upon language is known as the "Tentative Agreement" or "TA." This afternoon, the WVMFT Executive Board discussed the Tentative Agreement and whether to recommend its ratification by the members.
While the Executive Board is very dissatisfied with parts of the Tentative Agreement, the Executive Board recommends ratifying this Tentative Agreement.
Reasons we are dissatisfied:
• a poor deal for part-time faculty on reimbursement of health care premiums
• the lesser health care plan for full-time faculty without cost-sharing
• complete disregard for shared governance process in eliminating Division Chairs
• no agreement on loads for large lecture classes or on lab loads, even after coming close to agreement on load issues.
Reasons to ratify this Tentative Agreement:
• locks in the pay raises quickly (approx. 10% retroactive raises for 2015-16 by June 30, other retroactive raise of 5% by Sept. 30)
• buys a full year towards a new contract campaign and planning for the next round of bargaining of the full contract starting June 30, 2018.
• provides us time to plan and prepare for effective contract campaign to achieve better agreements in the future. The Executive Board is dedicated to maximizing the interests of the faculty in the next round of bargaining. We realize that a 15% raise appears sizable, but we can do better. This is in comparison to administrators’ recent rises of 21%.  Faculty raises are necessary to keep the District in compliance with the 50% Law. (50% of the Districts expenditures must be spent on instruction).
Ratification procedures:
• Send Tentative Agreement to all WVMFT members today.
• Notify all WVMFT members of ratification procedures
• Conduct ratification via email in next two weeks.
• Verify results of ratification and notify members and the District.
• Board of Trustees will vote to ratify, perhaps at its Special Meeting on June 27.
• Once both sides have ratified, the new language goes into effect as indicated in the TA.
The WVMFT Executive Board
Daryl Hemenway, Chief Negotiator and CFT Field Representative

The link below contains detailed information on the Tentative Agreement.