Union Membership Card


Every WVMFT AFT 6554 member is entitled to a union membership card which will allow you to participate in all the union benefits.

If you do not have a card as yet, you first need to fill out a membership form.  Please see a steward or executive board member to get a form to fill out.  This form is also important for WVMFT AFT 6554 to be able to contact you, solicit your opinions, and keep you informed of ongoing issues.  We need your current mailing address, non-work phone number and non-work email address.

If you did fill out a membership form, but have not as yet received your union card, please contact  AFT analyst Deborah Tanno:

phone: 202 -393-8646 

email:  dtanno@aft.org

Remember:   As an instructor in the West Valley-Mission Community College District you pay dues to support the all work that the union does for you, whether or not you actually join the union.  There is no additional cost to join!  By joining WVMFT AFT 6554 you have a voice in how your union is operated, you can vote on contracts and union representation, you can participate in the governance structure and other fun and helpufl union activities designed to support all faculty in the district! You also receive the AFT benefits.