Executive Board Election Results


Since there was only at most one member running for each office on the 2017- 2019 WVMFT AFT 6554 Executive Board, as per our bylaws, there was no need to conduct an actual vote.  The results are:

President:  Ann Marie Wasserbauer  (WVC)

Vice President:  Mel Prtichard (WVC)

Secretary:  Jory Segal (WVC/MC)

Treasurer:  Diane Lamkin (MC)

Part-time Representative (MC):  Sarah Tomlinson

Part-time Representative (WVC):  Kathy Haven

Full-time Representative (MC):  No candidate came forward

Full-time Representative (WVC):  No candidate came forward

The new Executive Board term will begin May 19, 2017 and end in May 2019.

Please thank our Elections Committee for all of their work in managing the details of this election process which began in February:

Thuy Trang
Andy Kindon
Rebecca Tran
John Nakahama
Gail Barta
Amy Vu