Fact Finding Report coming?:  What to do?



ACE AFT 6554 faculty gathered to greet Fact-Finders on Monday, March 20 in the 9:00 am - 9:30 am.  The panelists were:

ACE reprsentative:  Terry Elverum (CFT field representative)
District representative:  John Hendrickson (former WVMCCD chancellor)
Fact-finder:  Norman Brand, Esq.

The union and district reiterated their proposals and potential revisions and clarifcations continued into the evening with no settlement reached.

The fact-finding process continued on Monday, March 21.   Once again, no agreement was reached.  

[For over 1 year now, our district adminsitration and elected officials continue to demonstrate their opinion of faculty and the work that we do by refusing to provide adequate salaries and health benefits while ignoring the shared governance process for any reorganization proposals.]


Norman Brand (with input from Terry Elverum and John Hendrickson) began writing a Fact Finder’s Report during the week of April 10.  

The report was projected to be given to the district and the union on May 1.  The report still has not been received, as of May 6.

The Board of Trustees will hold a vote in open session as to whether to adopt the Fact Finder’s Report or to impose its Last, Best, and Final Offer.  Keep your calendar open for BOT meeting on May 16.

The Union will be preparing an Unfair Practice Charge for the California Public Employment Relations Board should the District implement its proposal of eliminating Division Chairs.


•  Inform your students, your community members, your fellow faculty members.  Use social media.  Download this flyer.

•  Write letters to administration, trustees and media. Here is a sample letter (PDF).   Here is a sample letter (MS Word).  

•  Participate in informational picketing.

•  Speak out at Board of Trustees meetings.


WVMFT AFT 6554 has set up a Strike Hardship Fund and all members are eligible to be on the committee created to manage the policies and distribution of the fund.  Please send a letter of interest to an Executive Board member.

Link to San Jose Mercury News article about the situation.