President's Comments

Officer disclosure forms


As per the ACE AFT 6554 constitution Article 16, all union officers and negotiators are required to submit conflict-of-interest disclosure forms annually by March 15.

Below are the forms submitted for March 2017:

President:  Ann Marie Wasserbauer

Vice President:  Mel Pritchard

Secretary/MC Grievance Officer:  Rick Hobbs

Treasurer:  Diane Lamkin

MC FT Representative:  Christy Brown

WVC FT Representative/Negotiator:  Bill Davis

WVC Associate Representative:  Lisa Bell

MC Associate Representative:  Marina Broeder

Negotiator:  Jory Segal

WVC Grievance Officer:  vacant


Below are the forms submitted for March 2016:

President:  Ann Marie Wasserbauer

Vice President:  Wendy Bowers-Gachesa

Secretary/MC Grievance Officer:  Rick Hobbs

Treasurer:  Diane Lamkin

MC FT Representative:  Christy Brown

WVC FT Representative/Negotiator:  Bill Davis

WVC Associate Representative:  Lisa Bell

MC Associate Representative:  Marina Broeder

Negotiator:  Jory Segal

WVC Grievance Officer:  Pat Andrews