WVMFT AFT 6554 members vote to create Strike Fund.


The results of the membership vote to create a strike fund by temporarily increasing union dues by 0.05% are:

Yes:  202 votes (84%)

No:  38 votes (16%)

Many thanks to the Election Committee who spent many hours in preparing, organizing and conducting a new voting method:  Rebecca Tran, Thuy Trang, Andy Kindon, Amy Vu, Gail Barta.

Members will be informed soon regarding the commencment of the dues increase and the formation of the Strike Fund Hardship Committee. Please consider being part of this new committee to administer the Strike Hardship Fund!  Send a letter of interest to an Executive Board member.

Below is a summary of the what, why and how of the Strike Hardship Fund:

WHAT:  The proposal on which you will vote is to temporarily raise union dues by 0.05% per month.  This increase translates to 50 cents for each $1000 of your monthly paycheck.  [For example, if your gross pay is $6000 per month, your contribution would be $3.00 per month].  The money from this increase will be used to establish a Strike Hardship Fund. The temporary dues increase will end once our collective bargaining argreement with the district is settled.

WHY:  Our negotiations with the district began almost one year ago.  The district stopped negotiations in May.  As we wind our way through the processes of mediation and now fact-finding, the district continues to demostrate lack of support for its faculty.  As a result, our members may decide to strike in the near future.  The money from the dues increase will be used to help members who need financial assistance during a strike.

HOW:  If the dues increase is approved, the Executive Board will appoint a committee of 4 to 6 members to manage the dispersal of the funds.  The committee will consist of:  both full-time and part-time faculty, both Mission and West Valley faculty, and both Executive Board and Steward Council members.

If you have further questions, please read the attached FAQs, or contact your Steward or Executive Board representative to get clarification.